Kitchen, Garden & Allotment Show

Show Events

Whoa there steady!

The main arena will be holding some great events to delight children of all ages. There are some great classes to be found in the Horse and Pony section to thrill both competitors and onlookers alike. How about carriage racing around an obstacle course, timed of course for added thrill.

The Pen-Y-Bont Gymnastics display is a must see as well who might win the competition for the dog most like their owner or the dog with the longest tail.

Pygmy Goats, Poultry Shows and then there is the Largest Rabbit in the show to be found hopefully not making a hop for freedom.

To make sure your entry counts, download the classes that interest you from our downloads section. Good Luck on the day and we all look forward to seeing you at  the show where there is ‘something for everyone‘.